Pattern Development

We develop your shoe pattern translating dimensions and curves of your design ensuring that the shoe fits the foot it's meant for.

Prototype and Sample

We develop a prototype as first test of the final shoe. Once all corrections and improvements take place, we will develop a sample for you to use for marketing purposes and production guideline (BOM and manufacturing routing specs).

Materials Sourcing

We have a dedicated team for this area. We follow the trends and exhaustively scout for every new material in order to either advice you in a proactive way or to find every material or accessory you want for your brand!


Well Made In is a quality manifest! We select only top quality manufacturers according to your shoe's requirements. We assure all selected raw materials are being used and supervise entire manufacturing process. If you want it well made then you ask for our services!


Packaging can play an important role in the success or failure of the sales of your shoes. We can assist you from design to production of a special package solution to provoke that wow effect on your shoes!


We, at Well Made In, are aware that our success depends on the success of our customers. That's why we do not work towards customer satisfaction but rather towards customer success!
In our consortium we have a branding company ( and a web studio ( Together we deliver best marketing strategies for what potential can become your best sales channel: online!

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